July 29th, 2005

Tjep is designstudio from The Netherlands.
For example, they made this award for the city of Amsterdam:

immaterial trophy

All digital communication can be reduced to code consisting of one’s and zero’s: on or off.
Code is an abstract concept for the final user, it is invisible and immaterial. This award is the representation of a three dimensional trophy that consists exclusively of one’s and zero’s, code has been used as visual language. The trophy that stands as icon for a special achievement, appears in a stream of information, frozen in a massive block of crystal glass. De award was made using computer and laser technology, engraved inside the glass, and could never have been made without ICT.

An other project of them is this lamp.

destructive deco

The machine is programmed to apply decorations,
Oops, something goes wrong…
The machine just wont stop.
As chaos takes over,
Destruction becomes beauty.

The lamp designs are made of laser etched veneer which comes in three models. The laser was set to apply three independent overlapping patterns, the first is based on a traditional baroque wallpaper, the second is a sixties pattern and the third is an illustrative butterfly pattern. As the laser operates, it goes deeper and deeper into the material, until it reaches a point where it is actually causing destruction instead of applying decoration. When should the laser stop? Until when does it ad to the beauty of the object? The most expensive lamp is the one that has been “treated” the longest by the laser, as operation minutes are costly with such high end technology.

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