simply droog

May 21st, 2006

Hey, we’re in Belgium, visiting family and friends.
A typical sunday afternoon activity is going to an exhibit. So my dad said we could go to Le Grand-Hornu, so we checked the website … and apparently there was an exhibit about Droog Design, so that was a quick decision!
Most of the exhibited products were familiar but it was still very impressive to see all of them together. The location was also very nice, Le Grand-Hornu is an old mine site that was nicely renovated. We’ll definitely keep an eye on their exhibition calander.

chest of drawers
Tejo Remy, 1991

do Hit
Marijn van der Pol, 2000

tile kitchen with handy burners
Arnout Visser, Erik Jan Kwabbel, Peter van der Jagt, 2001

Here’re all the pictures: flickr set.

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