Simon Elvis

June 23rd, 2006

Paper Record Player

To play the record the handle needs to be turned in a clockwise direction at a
steady 331/3 rpm. The paper cone then acts as a pick up and amplifies the sound
enough to make it audible.

FM Radio Map

This map plots the location of FM commercial and pirate radio stations within London.The poster
works in its own right as a piece of information design, but when connected to the modified radio
it becomes part of the interface. Each map is made site specific by connecting only the stations that
can be received in that location. This is done by drawing power lines in pencil on the back of the map,
which conducts electricity from the radio to the front of the poster.Placing a metal contact onto each
point enables us to listen to the sound broadcast live from that location.

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  1. frenchfrymaiden Says:

    I am so gonna make one of these!

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