October 18th, 2006

Yesterday was the official launch of Nike+ in Germany. Nike+ is a collaboration between Nike and Apple: it’s a running system to track your running time, pace and the calories you have burned. You click a small receiver on your iPod nano and you put a small sensor in your Nike+ running shoes and off you go. After your run, you can sync your data with the Nike+ website and see a graphical representation of your run. The system works just like you would expect from Apple …
I started running 2 months ago after I received my Nike iD Air Zoom Moire+ shoes (what a name). It wasn’t easy after 9 years of no sports; shin splits and achilles pains … I experienced it all. Yesterday, my girlfriend picked up a Nike + iPod sport kit (the iPod receiver and sensor) at NikeTown for me and today I tried it out for the first time. Here is the graphic of my run on I can’t wait for my next run!


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