Nike iD Studio Air Force 1 low 2007

January 25th, 2007

The Nike iD Studio is the holy grail for a lot of sneaker heads. If you manage to get, you’ll be able to design a shoe that will be so exclusive that you might be the only person having it! So what’s the difference with Nike iD? You can do different shoes and pick from more exclusive materials.

So now you can guess which shoe is now available at the Studios? Right!
The options are incredible this time … although you will have to go with white tones: white, off white, antique white and kangaroo white. In these categories you’ll find the following leathers: Weave, Crinkle, Ostrich, Diamond Weave, Dodo Bird, Basketball, Iguana, Cross Hatch, Pig Skin, Crocodile, Smooth, Pebbled, Patent, Kangaroo, Nubuck, Suede and Real Deal. And as a bonus you can even pick a clear sole!
I don’t feel like calculating all the possibilities here, but here are 4 sample shoes to drewl on. They are the supreme ones, no stitching.



Info found at Cool Hunting.

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