Designers Are Wankers

February 12th, 2007

Designers Are WankersDesigners Are Wankers is a manifesto/how-to book on becoming an industrial designer. I guess the authors know what they write about: Neville Brody, Karim Rashid, Piers Roberts, Paul Smith and Lee McCormack.

2 Responses to “Designers Are Wankers”

  1. Angry of Hampstead Says:

    This book is a thinnly veiled self promotional piece of rubbish.
    This became evident pretty quickly… what came through much slower was that THERE IS ACTUALLY VERY VERY LITTLE HELPFUL INFORMATION IN THIS BOOK.

    The annoying thing about the author is that he keeps emphasising throughout the book how he is trying to help struggling graduates with his pearls of wisdom. What he acutally does is try and convince the reader that his very very low quality designs and concepts derived from the (past) sixties are actually valued highly by the world that he aspires to be part of. Look at the portrait he had to include of himself at the back – what a twat. He looks like just the sort of person that needs to spend that amount of money on self promotion to actually acheive any at all…. he actually explains that himself throughout the book.

    My advice to any new graduates – spend your cash on working on designing some new products. If they dont’ work out at least this wanker won’t have profited from you. Flick through it in the bookshop – it takes that long.

    Also: It’s a rip off of the amazing book – ‘how to get a number one the easy way’ written by the KLF years ago. Which is much much better – and it works.

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Thank you for your input.
    I didn’t read the book, I only read about it.
    But I do like the title.

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