Gaston Lagaffe

February 28th, 2007

Gaston Lagaffe turns 50 today! I actually know him as Guust Flater, one of Belgiums most famous cartoon characters. He was my idol when I was young. Guust is a true product designer, he invented hundreds of cool machines during his days at work, maybe that’s why I studied product design afterall.
He is notorious for parking where it wasn’t allowed. He tried every trick to convince the policeman that he was right to park there, the policemans catchline was “Is this a forbidden to park sign or is it a lollipop?”. One time he modified the sign into a big lollipop …
To celebrate his birthday, the city of Brussels decided that everybody can park for free today. What a nice gesture.

Last year I saw pictures of the streetart by Mark Jenkins called Meterpops. I’m not sure if he was inspired by Guust, I bet they have the same style of humour.


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