Sneakers (Nike) – White Edition

February 28th, 2007

Philip Wiegard Sneakers (Nike) - White EditionThese Nike Air Force One Mids are art! Philip Wiegard made it with a deep-drawning technique. I guess he placed a pair of AF1’s in a deep draw machine, placed a white Polystyrene sheet on top of it and let the heat and vacuum forming do its work. I am quite amazed with the details and wondering how he got his sneakers back out of the result.
Again found at VVORK

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  1. Laura Mars Grp. Says:

    The description of the fabrication of Philip Wiegards Sneakers edition is right!
    But he didn´t use the original sneakers anymore because they are nailed on a wooden plate
    to make the deep drawn edition.
    It´s a limited edition of 50 each (a white and golden edition).

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