March 22nd, 2007

10 days to D-Day a.k.a. the Berlin Half Marathon. Time to boot up the motivation machinery. The most important thing at that day will be the playlist on my iPod. So here is my current selection, maybe I’ll adjust it a little towards D-Day.


00:00:00 – Jürgen Paape – So weit wie noch nie

As far as never before, true dat true dat, I never ran that far before.

00:05:59 – Ellen Allien – Alles sehen (Miss Kittin remix)

It will probably be a little too late to check out the Pariser Platz and the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate), but hey I passed here many times before so no big deal.

00:09:57 – Sascha Funke – Strassentanz

I think the title of this track is perfect for the area around the Siegessäule (Berlin Victory Column). In honour of the Love Parade.

00:14:39 – Tocotronic – Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen (Superpitcher/Wassermann Single Mix)

Reason my never win, I guess that’s why I’m here.

00:18:35 – Superpitcher – People

I hope there will be some cheering people along the road

00:24:24 – Minilogue – Hitchhikers Choice

An excellent track with an excellent video! I don’t think I’ll need to hitchhike to finish this one.

00:33:20 – Paul Kalkbrenner – Steinbeisser

Stone biter, as soon as I saw the title of this track I knew I had to add it. By now I should be around Schloss Charlottenburg and running steady at 5.10 minutes a kilometer (wishful thinking).

00:40:22 – Ada – And more

That’s right, halfway is still a few kilometers away.

00:46:30 – Peter Grummich – A roboter

Halfway point, I’ll love it when I hear that on my Ipod. Nike+ just rocks.

00:50:45 – Ada – Believer

Yeah I can do this. I should reach Kurfürstendamm by now.

00:58:09 – The Hacker – Fading away

Runner’s High may kick in NOW. Please!

01:02:53 – Ellen Allien – The brain is lost

You bet! So I probably won’t notice the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche and the KaDeWe.

01:08:11 – Tomas Andersson – Numb

No comment.

01:11:52 – Gui Boratto – Beautiful life

Stay positive!

01:20:22 – Oliver Hacke – 8:20

Another long track to pass time.

01:28:48 – Sascha Funke – Forms & shapes

I’m curious if I will still be able to recognize something.

01:32:44 – Lawrence – Untitled 07

One of my favorite tracks! I can smell the victory and Checkpoint Charlie.

01:38:32 – Jeff Mills & Montpellier Philarmonic Orchestra – The bells

Leipziger Strasse, here I come.

01:44:15 – Tomas Andersson – Happy happy

I hope to cross the finish line during this track. Happy Happy!

01:48:15 – Closer Musik – Maria

Shit, something went wrong … my knee, my hip? Damn.

01:53:24 – Lawrence – Spark

This is embarrassing. I hope no one sees me half dead on the Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse.

02:00:07 – Mayer/Aguayo – Slow

My cool-down track. Sieg!

The only thing that I’m afraid of … will the battery of my iPod last?

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  1. chief of biermarathon Says:

    viel glück. wir sehn uns an der strecke.

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