3 days later

April 3rd, 2007

It has been 3 days now since the Berlin Half Marathon and I’m looking for a new goal. Should I try a full marathon right away or should I try to gain more speed and endurance first? Questions about questions …
Yesterday, a strange kind of muscle ache kicked in, one like I have never experienced before. I knew I should have done some cool down and stretching afterwards but I was too high … runner’s high. I’ll try to get rid of it tonight with a slow run, it’s really strange not having a training schedule anymore. Speaking of runner’s high, there are some parts of the half marathon where I only have vague memories, it’s really strange.
If Apple and Nike wouldn’t have teamed up together to create this whole Nikeplus system, I would still not be able to run a few kilometers. Actually my uncle, who is an experienced marathon runner, laughed at me when I told him I started running because of a gadget. Who cares, I enjoy it and will continue doing so.

Here are 2 more graphics from the Nikeplus website which show the work I did during the last weeks and months. Damn, I ran over 170 km in March!

nikeplus months

nikeplus runs

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  1. Alexander Says:

    Nochmal Glückwunsch zur Deiner Superzeit! Schöne Trainingsintervalle!

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