The Replenishing Body

September 6th, 2007

The Replenishing Body‘ is a new project by SHOWstudio … again, great stuff. Make sure that you check out the gallery and the videos.
Here’s their description of the project:

Inspired by Evian’s discovery that it takes the human body six weeks to replenish with water, SHOWstudio has partnered with Evian to devise a fun, interactive video installation that allows visitors to the exhibit to become part of one big replenishing body. Using a 25 section, touch-screen video grid located at the Beyond the Valley gallery boutique on Newburgh St, W1 from 15-22 September, visitors are invited to make a one -second video recording of a close-up section of their body, which will be added to a constantly moving, composite video portrait. Each participant will make their recording on top of a previous one so that the videogrid itself becomes a continually replenishing body.


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