Growth rendering device

October 15th, 2007

growth_rendering_device.jpgI’m quite fascinated with drawing robots … This ‘growth rendering device’ by David Bowen takes it to the next level.

This system provides light and food in the form of hydroponic solution for the plant. The plant reacts to the device by growing. The device in-turn reacts to the plant by producing a rasterized inkjet drawing of the plant every twenty-four hours. After a new drawing is produced the system scrolls the roll of paper approximately four inches so a new drawing can be produced during the next cycle. This system is allowed two run indefinitely and the final outcome is not predetermined.

found @ Computerlove

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  1. Alexander Says:

    Das find ich ja mal richtig geil, da braucht man nur einen langen Flur für!

  2. Growth Modeling Device - today and tomorrow Says:

    […] Growth Modeling Device is a kinetic installation by David Bowen. The machine uses lasers to scan a plant, in this case an onion, from 3 different angles. That data is then used in real-time by a fuse deposition modeler, to create a plastic model of the current state of the plant. This process takes place every 24 hours, but each time the plant is scanned from a different angle. In the end you have several models illustrating the growth of the plant. You can see a video of this installation here. This is actually a little similar to an older project of David: Growth Rendering Device. […]

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