Sliding Rocks

December 9th, 2007


This is a sliding rock at Racetrack Playa, no one actually knows how they move and leave a trail behind them. You can read some theories and see more pictures here.

6 Responses to “Sliding Rocks”

  1. Dave F Says:

    Ok – I have heard this but geologists should be ashamed of themselves. You have cameras among other technology which you could record it along with wind and other artifacts possibly causing the movement.

    No one seems interested in doing so – yet the nuts will classify this in the paranormal category.

  2. Amber T Says:

    Has anyone thought about a testing the rocks for some sort of metal? And that the rocks could be sliding due to a magnetic pull?

  3. Greig Says:

    I’m going with temperature differentials
    Hot / cold; freeze / thaw; day / night

  4. aceswild Says:

    nope….. definitely wind over time.

  5. Justin Says:

    There is a detailed article about these rocks with a lot more photos at

  6. Sarah Z Says:

    I think Dave F. is a hypocrite. He thinks that geologists should use there technology to figure it out. You don’t think they are trying? And if it is SOO easy to figure out, why doesn’t dave go figure it out? Why? Because HE doesn’t have the technology. So leave the geologists to do what they can when they can.

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