Absolut Machines

February 26th, 2008


Absolut Machines‘ is quite an amazing project by Absolut Vodka. Basically, Absolut commissioned 2 interactive sound sculptures, which you can control through the website, you’ll have to wait in line though.
‘Absolut Quartet’ is a robotic mechanical orchestra, by playing the piano you can inspire the 3 robotic ‘musicians’. You can find some making of pictures in this Flickr set. The other one, ‘Absolut Choir’ is a machine consisting of 22 choir members, by typing in words and sentences you inspire them to sing. Both are just amazing!
On the website you can choose from different camera angles, see some documentation, download your composition as a video etc. It’s just a pain to use it. I think it’s a shame that the website doesn’t match the quality of the installations.
Here is a tip, just go to the press website if you want to get straight to the info.

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  1. neightbor Says:

    this thing runs all day, it only knows about 12 songs. I live upstairs and work from home, it was worse when it only knew one song (the creator should not be a composer – not melodic). I can’t wait till it’s over. It’s like being in the downstairs for anything thats not a piano in The 10,000 finger of dr T.

    absolutly annoying

  2. Hardware Music - today and tomorrow Says:

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