Laundry Lamp

February 27th, 2008


The AWARE Laundry Lamp is both a lamp and a washstand. In traditional light bulbs, 95% of the energy is transferred into heat, and only 5% into light. The AWARE Laundry Light gives you the possibility to create your own lamp design and at the same time save energy through hang-drying your clothes!

found at Below The Clouds

5 Responses to “Laundry Lamp”

  1. jimmy! Says:

    I like the picture for this lamp. I think it looks great, edgy, cause of the black lacy underwear, but guess what? If I put my clothes on there, it wouldn’t look so nice. You’d see these weird stains here, there, and you’d get some strange smell off of it. yeah… … yeah…

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    This picture is half the product.
    Of course you’ll need some designer clothes / underwear for this lamp.
    Maybe they should sell it with the underwear already on it.

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