Plastic Bag Animals

March 27th, 2008


Refreshing! Don’t you think so?

UPDATE (30-03-2008):
Here is a video of this Air Bear and an other one of the Air Zoo.

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  1. Benjamin Says:

    this is really awesome….it has two emotive experiences…sorta a sad one when without air..and then fascinating happy with air..Really great post.

  2. Auke Says:

    Inspired by the work “Plastic Bags in NYC”? Richard The developed this during a week in New York City, in summer 2006.

  3. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    maybe …
    that project is definitely worth checking out too!
    thank you

  4. Marco Milone Says:


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  6. jack Says:

    Please NYers! Someone get a video of this… Awesome.

  7. werd Says:

    honestly, things like this are great
    everybody please stop the stencil art and the wheat paste art, become creative damnit!!!

  8. Pasquale Says:

    Reminds me of the great street art of Mark Jenkins : . He does some great tape sculptures which are about as cute as these guys!

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  12. anonomus Says:

    super cool!

  13. TaYlOr O Says:

    Hilarious, it’s really cute!!!!! OMG make a freakin’ video on YOUTUBE this is the next monthly hit=-) Who comes up with this stuff?

  14. EvAn LoVeR 4EvEr (a.k.a TaYlOr O) Says:

    omg (again) A video sometime hilliarious every time i see this i fuckin’ freak after all the search to “re”discover this website i found it i (this time) remembered to bookmark it on my CRAPPY Windows 98
    love you plastic bag bear,dog thing R.I.P

    – waiting on video and instruction on how to make it, waiting (……………..)

  15. lone wolf Says:

    that is sooo unique

  16. Torn Ann Smith Says:

    Those are soo cool!
    the animals have no life, thats why they are plastic bags!
    live plastic bags!
    OMG its alive!

  17. Kiley Says:

    haha nicee:)

  18. Karley Says:


  19. poop Says:

    whhat a rare species<33333333 where do u buy these?and how much

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