April 18th, 2008


This is probably one of the smallest houses I know, it is located in Antwerp (Belgium) and was designed by Sculp(It) Architecten. It is actually their own house and office at the same time. The front side is only 2,4 meters wide and it is 5,5 meters deep. So they only have around 60 square meters to live; divided over 4 floors. The ground floor is their office, first is the kitchen / dining room, second the living room and third is the bedroom /  bathroom. They acually even have a bathtub on the roof. I don’t know if I could on such a small space …
Photos by Luc Roymans.



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  1. Fictiefje Says:

    The fact that the space is small is not such a problem. In fact this house is huge when compared to some houses in other parts of the World (Hong Kong for instance?). But would you like to take a shower on the 4th floor? Mind that there are no curtains at all. The first picture is really a picture of the front side of the house, right next to the side walk of the street. Oh and it’s located near the red light district in Antwerp. So you might see some pretty strange people passing (or actually no passing) your front windows.

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Still, 60 square meters wouldn’t be enough for me and the privacy issues would be a problem too. This house is definitely different than any other one …

  3. The other Pieter Says:

    There are privacyscreens integrated in the steel structure.
    Square meters are not important but have a price; freedom of space is the most important and is for free.

  4. A.Dwel Says:

    This might be small for some people, but I actually live in a smaller house (3 mts wider though, just 1 floor) and it does not seem to be any problem with it… as we all know; we humans get used to anything except not eating. I would love to live in that house, and come on! we live in a different age now, there´s no problem taking a shower with those huge inviting windows wide open..and if you feel uncomfortable at least you must thank that the shower is in the 3rd floor… not visible to by-passers…. but totally visible to your 3rd floor neighbor across the street so work hard for a nice body to show off.

  5. RenaissanceRonin Says:

    Ah, come on…

    It’s not that bad.

    To those of you who shrieked in horror when they saw the photos of this seemingly “Sir Hillary-esque” home…

    Having each floor dedicated to a specific task isn’t such a bad idea. It’ provides great separation, and actually contributes to making the home more livable, by more than one person.

    Our forefathers in America did it, and look how we turned out…

    Wait… um… never mind.

    Now… take this same concept, and think “mid or even high-density” housing. Put one parking place in front of each unit. And, stack them side by side, for about… um… ten units or so…

    Commerce on the first floor, residential above.

    Instant housing complex. You could build it fast, fast, fast… And you could build them cheap, cheap, cheap… Just a thought.

    My family would live in this house, in a minute. In fact, I paid further tribute to it, with a really comprehensive review, on my own blog.

    THANK YOU for posting this incredible home!


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