April 21st, 2008

This years exhibition by the Design Academy Eindhoven in Milan was called ‘Still’. Here are 3 projects that I really liked.

Safely Dangerous Kitchen by Jonathan Ben-tovim‘Safely Dangerous Kitchen’ by Jonathan Ben-tovim. I guess you can’t really reduce it much more.
photo by José van Riele

Soil Lamp by Marieke Staps‘Soil Lamp’ by Marieke Staps. This lamps works with mud, the metabolism of the biological life generates enough electricity to light an LED. The only thing this lamp needs is a little bit of water from time to time.
photo by Rene van der Hulst

Idea of a Clock by Hans Tan

‘Idea of a Clock’ by Hans Tan. I guess this doesn’t need any explanation. Portrait of a Lamp‘ also belongs to this project called The imaginary mass of things’.
photo by Rene van der Hulst

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