Numen Light

May 5th, 2008

Numen Light by numen / for use

This is the ‘Divided Cube’, one of the 7 Numen Lights. It is actually a very basic object, made with two-sided mirrors and fluorescent tubes. Although the effect isn’t new, numen / for use designed 7 geometrical shapes who all have their unique reflections. Some even have flexible surfaces who move mechanically, so not only when you change your point of view you’ll get an amazing optical effect. The one below is the inside view of an Octahedron.

Numen Light by numen / for use

3 Responses to “Numen Light”

  1. Alexander Says:

    Resistance is futile! Sieht aus wie ein Borg-Kubus, geil!

  2. Numen Lights by For Use | Delicious Ghost Says:

    […] on the lights via Today and Tomorrow. The effect you see is pretty simple: It’s a mirrored cube, with its interior edges lined by […]

  3. KaleidoLight – today and tomorrow Says:

    […] I actually like this KaleidoLight designed by Dodo Arslan, better than that Numen Light. […]

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