DMY Youngsters 2008 – Plopp

May 22nd, 2008

Plopp is a stool designed by Oskar Zieta. Indeed it looks like a blow-up stool, but it isn’t, it is actually made with thin metal sheets. The production techniques are the interesting part: cut with a CNC machine, welded together and then hydro formed. The result is really light structure. Every stool is unique, there is no control over the dents during the hydro forming.

Plopp by Oskar ZietaPlopp by Oskar Zieta

Plopp by Oskar Zieta

2 Responses to “DMY Youngsters 2008 – Plopp”

  1. vittorio torchetti Says:

    sensacional, fantástico, parabêns…

  2. Chippensteel 0.5 - today and tomorrow Says:

    […] Oskar Zieta. This chair is made with exactly the same production technique called FiDU as his stool Plopp. FiDU is an abbreviation for German “FreieInnenDruckUmformung” – the Internal Pressure […]

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