The Nine

May 23rd, 2008

This morning I had a little trouble to get up to speed, I thought that some good old Drum&Bass would do the trick. So I searched on YouTube for The Nine by Bad Company. It wasn’t this track that woke me up, but the fact that it’s 10 years old. Remember the parties back then?

5 Responses to “The Nine”

  1. vincent Says:

    Yes i do, yes i do :-)

  2. augustus Says:

    Yes I do too! :):) We used to have this monthly here in Orange County (California) called Ground Flor that would have the best DnB and it was free!

  3. Fabian Says:

    Oh! Instant flashback to the old WMF club, Berlin, where they used to host these “hard:edge” nights.

  4. Fabian Says:

    “hard:edged”, that was :-)

  5. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Hehe … Vincent, remember that Lada cabrio?
    There were some other good tracks from Ed Rush & Optical, Dom & Roland, Matrix … back then.
    Dub Step sounds like stuff for my grandparents compared to that.

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