Magnetic Movie

June 2nd, 2008

Magnetic Movie

Magnetic Movie is a film by Semiconductor. They made magnetic fields visible in a very nice way, 3D CGI at its best, while scientists from NASA’s Space Sciences Laboratory excitedly describe their discoveries. Watch it!

EDIT: To set things straight, this video is a 3D CGI visualisation of how magnetic fields could look like. It is not real, just a mix of video footage with computer generated imagery.

Magnetic Movie

Magnetic Movie

Here is the full version.

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  4. Melkiades Says:

    Can someone explain how this movie was made?

  5. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    @Melkiades: “Animated photographs, using sound-controlled CGI and 3D compositing.”

  6. Fito Says:

    Is this… real? I mean, I (a complete ignorant) can’t identify any “known” form. We are used to the kind of fields created by magnets and things like that so, the ones in the video are quite… different.

    Anyway, apart from the scientific goal, it looks great! Guess how long will it take to see something similar on a tv add :)

  7. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    NO, it’s not real, it’s a 3D CGI visualisation of magnetic fields

  8. Fito Says:

    Uhm… I’m afraid I didn’t express myself properly. This representation does not sketch real magnetic field lines (as iron filings on a sheet of paper over a magnet) but an artistic performance.

  9. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Of course it is an artists interpretation, I’m quite surprised how many people think this was real.

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  19. hakuna Says:

    The artist obviousy doesn’t know anything about magnetic fields. At least he didn’t understand the easiest one of Maxwell’s Equations: div(B)=0
    This means: It’s impossible for the curves of magnetic fields to have endings. They are always closed loops!

    And this ist just one of a lot more mistakes… magnetic curves that cross each other are impossible and absolutely senseless.

    Nice animation, but scientific bullshit!

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