My Batteries Are Recharged

June 23rd, 2008

So I’m finally back from good old Belgium. We almost had a private flight back to Berlin, there were only 14 passengers in total. It was quite bumpy due to some thunderstorms over Germany, it was still 29° C when we walked over the tarmac of Tempelhof International. Maybe it was my last flight from Tempelhof, they plan to close it by October 31st 2008. A big mistake! It’s the best airport I know.

I also visited Hasselt where I saw ‘Bridge’ by Michael Cross at Z33.

The Bridge is a series of steps which rise up out of the water in front of you as you walk from one to the next, and then disappear back underneath behind you as you go, leaving you stranded with only one step visible in front of you, and one behind. The bridge ends in the middle of the water, where you find yourself totally isolated and cut off from the shore. You return the way you came. The mixed feelings of peace, isolation, relaxation and fear that the piece elicits are powerful. The project is on-going will ultimately lead to a permanent installation in a lake.

Bridge by Michael Cross

As always a video …

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  1. Pieter Says:

    Tempelhof is indeed one of the best airports in the world. A shame they will close it.
    I heard some lunatic had the plan to open a ‘fly-in’ plastic surgery hospital, so the rich and famous can take the airplane and have a liposuction or a botox treatment right away… I wonder if that’s true.

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Yeah there were some rumours about a ‘fly-in’ plastic surgery hospital. I’m quite curious what will happen with Tempelhof.

  3. Appelogen » Michael Cross, Bridge Says:

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