Chronotopic Anamorphosis

June 26th, 2008

This video ‘Chronotopic Anamorphosis’ is quite simple but the effect is just amazing. It’s part of André Mintz his Marginalia Project. He wrote this piece of software with Processing, which can slice up a video feed horizontally in real-time and display those pieces with a one frame delay. It’s based on Zbigniew Rybczynski’s “The Fourth Dimension”.
Make sure you see the effect when he opens the door!

4 Responses to “Chronotopic Anamorphosis”

  1. gd Says:

    Great effect — this Muse video from 2001 uses the same effect, but I think they must be displacing pixels to the left, right, up and down at various moments and transitioning between them.

  2. postman31 Says:

    it makes me see the world some another way

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    […] called ‘Slit-scan Cam‘ by Casey Pugh has exactly the same video effect as ‘Chronotopic Anamorphosis‘ by André Mintz. The only difference is that Casey build it with Flash, so you can try it […]

  4. Lined & Unlined » Blog Archive » Reading 386 Says:

    […] I nabbed this from Renda’s Delicious feed so I hope she doesn’t mind, but André Mintz’s Chronotopic Anamorphosis is just too freaking cool not to share. Rated MB for “mind […]

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