Yuri Suzuki

June 28th, 2008

Yuri Suzuki is a Japanese product designer and electronic music artist living in London. Here are 3 projects by him.

Sound Chaser
A train-style record player. Users connect the chipped pieces of records together to make new tracks. The records pieces are from cheap records bought at jumble sales or used record shops. This record player revives forgotten, old records.

Sound Chaser by Yuri Suzuki

Sound Chaser by Yuri Suzuki

Sound Chaser by Yuri Suzuki

Prepared Turntable
A turntable that focuses on actively composing and playing music.
This record player has 5 tone arms, each of which can have its volume controlled by its own fader.
This is an analogue answer for the digitalized DJ.

Prepared Turntable by Yuri Suzuki

Finger Player
I guess that the video and the pictures explain everything.

Finger Player by Yuri Suzuki

Finger Player by Yuri Suzuki

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