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July 4th, 2008

Type & Form by Karsten Schmidt

Karsten Schmidt (a.k.a. Toxi) was commissioned by PRINT Magazine to create his own generative letterforms for the August 2008 cover. He used the Gray-Scott reaction diffusion model in a Processing sketch (an open source programming language) to generate a 3D typographical model. That 3D file was then printed with a 3D printer and photographed for the cover. You can read a short interview with him at the PRINT Magazine website. In this Flickr set you can find more photos and images of the whole process.

Type & Form by Karsten Schmidt

Type & Form by Karsten Schmidt

Here is a video of an early Processing sketch, the 2D frames where later stacked to a 3D model.

found at cpluv

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  1. toxi Says:

    Hey, thanks so much for posting this! I’ve actually just blogged a much more detailed making-of on my site over here: http://postspectacular.com/process/20080702_printmagcover Cheers!

  2. Type & Form - today and tomorrow | Buamai Says:

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