July 10th, 2008

I guess this is something I don’t have to understand: fake eyelashes. BUT, these ones designed by Viktor & Rolf for shu uemura are …
Available at colette.

Viktor & Rolf for shu uemura

Viktor & Rolf for shu uemura

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  2. asithi Says:

    I have never seen eyelashes like these before. Looks pretty cool, but no sure if anyone will ever use them for a normal occasion.

  3. YoFace Says:

    They kind of look like paperclips…

  4. Angera Says:

    She looks like she is wearing paperclips on her eyes but they still look pretty cool

  5. debbie downer Says:

    Ah, these eyelashes cost a pretty penny.

    Meanwhile, another child starves to death….

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  7. jasen Says:

    Looks pretty cool eyelashes!!, it can’t use for normal occasion. thumbs up!!

  8. Puspanjali Says:

    Why a pretty girl makes herself look miserable.

  9. Nicki Says:

    because it’s a form of art – she doesn’t look miserable, she’s a model and it’s something she enjoys doing, I’m sure!

    and the eyelashes are pretty sweet!

  10. Cute Easy Hairstyles Says:

    Like the comment above, it is an art work, definitely not for us. It kinda looks like a lot of paper clips stuck on your eyes to me though…

  11. Miranda Says:

    I hate blogs/sites that show something high-fashion ****ART**** (crazy eyelashes, crazy heels, etc) and act as if it’s made for “normal people” to wear.

  12. Carly Says:

    those defeat the purpose of EYELASHES.


  13. Elin Says:

    I think it’s wrong to use the term that they’re not for “us”, I would def wear them and know some more who would…maybe not in daytime but for going out… They are beautiful!

  14. kattt Says:

    I work in an agency for makeup client and I find really refreshing to find pieces like this one. even if the product seems not wearable for “normal people” (define normal anyway, miranda)
    this seems like a FUN product. I would buy it (even if I didnt wear it but once!)
    let’s not forget that advertising should be fun, smart, different to attract audiences.
    love the extraordinary execution of photo

  15. Felicia Says:

    Wauh…. Make up fantasy…. I like this

  16. Tori Says:

    I think they look like big paperclips on the outside, decreasing in size, to small paperclips on the inside. If you ask me, they look kida funny.

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