iPhone 3G

July 11th, 2008

iPhone 3G

So despite my initial enthusiasm, I didn’t buy an iPhone 3G today. It wasn’t an easy dicision but the T-Mobile iPhone 3G plans just don’t fit my needs. I don’t want any included minutes or T-Mobile hotspots access. I want a fair minute rate (not 0,29€ a minute) and more data transfer at full speed (not throttled after just 300 MB). So I guess I’ll plan my next holiday to one of the countries with prepaid iPhones.
If you want to see more iPhone 3G hardware pron, iFixit has the images to get you off.

2 Responses to “iPhone 3G”

  1. isabelle Says:

    all this nagging about iphone have made us sick of it before it’s even purchasable…

  2. Oscar Says:

    I did end up getting it with the cheapest contract and the @home option so that I get a land-line number associated with it 2 km around my address (and cheaper calls from there), but I agree with you: I’m happy with the device but I feel having been ripped off by T-Mobile at the same time.

    You might be interested in the Truphone application though, you know, for cheap international calls from a wifi connection.

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