July 30th, 2008

Viktor is the younger brother of Hektor, a spraycan robot. Viktor on the other hand uses chalk and likes blackboards. Viktor has 4 motors instead of 2, but otherwise they are quite similar. You can send almost any vector image to these devices and they will draw/spray them on a wall. If you’re in London, you can go see Viktor in action at the exhibition ‘A Recent History of Writing and Drawing’ at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Both were developed by Jürg Lehni.



3 Responses to “Viktor”

  1. jaydee Says:

    Das hier find ich ziemlich spannend.. man könnte ja auch ein Edding reinspannen und normale Wände bemalen. Coole Sache.

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    na schau dich Hektor mal an

  3. Meet Viktor | All Tomorrow Says:

    […] Via Today and Tomorrow. […]

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