July 31st, 2008

Andy Uprock calls his street art: Cuprocking. He sticks white plastic cups in fences to create patterns, some even get a spray can treatment.




found at rebel:art

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  4. Super Duper Fresh Says:

    This ‘street art’ stuff is still really a problem isn’t it? Putting aside its real irrelevance in 2008 – I can’t help but wish people were driven by actual ideas rather than obtuse chances at fleeting street art stardom. The work and the artists subsequent attempts at trademarking this supposedly new concept, just read as embarrassing efforts at justifying a press release for any of it.

    Apparently this guy has since put cups in fences for struggling street-wear brand Mooks, for their decidedly unadventurous campaigns, which comes as no surprise, really. Though, what I grapple with is the idea that the driving force behind ‘Street Art’ was historically somewhat antagonistic, its driving force was its ‘anti-establishment’ stance. I wonder what function this genre of graffiti/design/art now serves, what the work currently says (if anything), now that we have found its sole purpose (if not simply vanity) is to partake in the frameworks it still outwardly claims it sets out to fight.

    This article I read recently on Japanese website Tokyo Art Beat is actually a nice comment on the subject.

  5. quazone Says:

    In essence of all the latest hype of cuprocking, i’ve lived in sydney and melbourne seeing his works all over the cities. Uprock has been doing it since the ‘you are beautiful ‘ 2003 and i think some people are treating it like its some new 2008 current trend..his approach has always been a graffiti style movement and mainly as a tool to go bombing. the course of a company sponsoring him still hasn’t changed his direction or has he sacraficed or changed his art the company.
    he was getting alot of street cred b4 the sponsorship from mooks and im sure after aswell..cuprocking isnt all he’s known for…quite a talented painter and dancer..check out his work in the international ‘Trailblazers’ show

    this kid has more purposes than you’re attack at his acheivements SDF


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