Armin Heinrich

August 6th, 2008

I Am Rich by Armin HeinrichI Am Rich is an iPhone application that will cost you €799,99 or $999.99. Its description:

The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this.
It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.

Developed by Armin Heinrich.

I Am Rich by Armin HeinrichI Am Rich by Armin Heinrich

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  1. yoolius Says:

    This is awesome. I wish I had this great idea. Brilliant.
    Congrats to the author!



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  3. Chris Allick Says:

    Cannot wait for that Im Rich Bitch app.

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    […] I Am Rich is an iPhone application that will cost you €799,99 or $999.99. The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. […]

  5. Benjamin Says:

    wow…i can see the rich sub-urban townies lined up with all the thuggin gangsta’s comparing who’s might be a bit more bright…lol..It’s an interesting app..but it’s quite a waste of money…NO offense please, but a symbol such as this sure leaves me thinking why do people still think ‘rich’ as a identity is valuable…its kinda has arrogance written all over it…what about icon apps for charity or to celebrate humanity….that would seem to have more richness..

  6. j Says:

    is this real? when i went to it didn’t show up in a search.

  7. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Strange, it was in the app store this morning. I can’t seem to find it anymore.

  8. sorry my english Says:

    Hm-m… If it`s no fake, how many people download this s*it?

  9. Jessica Rabbit Says:


  10. Darko Says:

    Well… this morning i have send i complaint to Apple concerning this app… so i guess someone as finally read my email!

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  12. moom Says:

    it’s been pulled.

  13. Geno - USA Says:

    What’s wrong, Darko? Why complain about a little social engineering? Anybody stupid enough to purchase such an item deserves what they get – in spades.

  14. Christopher Says:

    I am glad the world has few people of the kind of Geno from the USA.

    Remember, 3 % of men are psychopaths. Be careful with what you say to strangers.

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  16. anna Says:

    Maybe it should be called IAM POOR NOW

  17. Geno - USA Says:

    Perhaps the psychopaths are the ones who think their life will improve by buying a worthless “jewel” for their phone – one that says “I am rich”. I suggest that these types will be separated from their money by one worthless appeal or another, why not one that is superficially worthless?

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  19. Satmonster Says:

    Download the picture for free from the site of the author:

  20. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    People! Please, stop with the insulting comments.
    I won’t publish them anyway!
    Armin Heinrich states in the discription of this app:

    “It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all.”

    That’s why I posted this app on my website.

    You should all read this piece by Jason Kottke:

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    […] produzierte jüngst der Softwareentwickler Armin Heinrich mit seinem 799 € (999 $) “I am rich“-App für das Apple […]

  22. Claude Says:

    I wouldn’t buy this application, which has NO function, but you know, the truth is, this is supposed to be a free enterprise market. Someone makes something, and someone buys it. In the end, that’s all that matters. The application itself is useless and has no functions (nothing hidden either), so it’s harmless. Seriously, it’s a gimmick and in the end, it’s popularity as a product is just that. I deplore Apple’s line of conduct by removing it from its store. I also deplore anyone who criticizes the product. Nobody tells you to buy it, that’s the bottom line. You don’t want it, don’t purchase it, but for those who do, they should be able to buy it, knowing full well why they buy it. In the end, this product, at least was a honest one, even if it’s useless. It didn’t carry viruses or spyware, etc… And in the end, all of us should be able to exercise our power of choice. Including the one who made the product and whoever wishes to purchase it. There was nothing illegal or immoral about this product. Maybe only just a few jealous people who wish they could have the product, without having to pay for it. Again, this is suppose to be a Free Enterprise Market. I’m astonished I have to say that in here.

  23. Ramone Says:

    They should’ve had a picture of Ashy Larry….”I’m Rich Bi-yatch!!!”

  24. Anthraxx Says:

    Armin Heinrich is a genius, letting people pay a ‘mere’ $999.99 for a screensaver ^^
    btw. anyone noticed that there are idiots for everything? Apparently even for $999.99 screensavers!!

  25. Gabriel Says:

    So when will the “I am Poor” version displaying a “cracked and bleeding lcd screen” look and selling for $0.99 / $0.79 per download be released? And can you make it run on my my free Nokia? I’m saving up for it right now.

  26. Je suis riche (ou pas) Says:

    […] I am rich ne fait rien et ne sert à rien. Enfin si, je suis de mauvaise foi. L’application vous indique que vous pouvez vous l’offrir, dans quel cas… vous êtes riche ! De plus, une icône montrant un magnifique pierre semi-précieuse, sous-titrée « I am rich » s’affiche dans la liste de vos applications. Son exécution affiche semble-t-il une animation en gros plan de ce magnifique joyau. […]

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  28. I Am NOT Rich (hell I can't even afford an iPhone) Says:

    It really doesn’t make any sense that the app should have been pulled from the app store regardless how useless it might be. Personally, I would not buy it. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t appeal to someone. And if it appeals to someone and they feel like paying the price for it, so be it. I just wish I would have thought of it! Even if there is only a few sold at a grand a pop, that’s one hell of a payday for not much work!

    I actually think Gabriel is onto something there with the “I Am Poor” app. I know plenty of people that would pay $.99 for a sweet looking screen saver! To Gabriel I say do it! Hopefully you’ll even make a few bucks!

  29. Sarah O'Neill Says:

    Why bother buying the stupid thing since you can see “the secret mantra” on youtube now? I read another interesting article at

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  31. Scott F Says:

    I actually wanna buy that app but apple will not let me download anymore.

  32. tom Says:

    a windows mobile version in on ebay right now !!!

  33. Sho Says:

    Everyone is complaining aout how stupid this app is but it is marketing genius. There are now only EIGHT people in the world who have this app. You can complain all you want but you will never be a part of this ‘exclusive’ club.
    If I was a rich man….da da di di da da

  34. Sh3LLz Says:

    I agree with Sho..

    If i had it, id rub it in all you complaining peoples faces… then id hop in my porsche next to my uber hot, using me for my money, slutty babe and drive off to the hamptons for wine women and song :-D

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  37. francesca Says:

    This is great application! I wish I could have bought it in time :) Maybe I’ll just appear on eh eh…

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