Twice Over

August 7th, 2008

This installation is called ‘Twice Over‘ and was done by Tyler Coburn and Benjamin Farnsworth. It is a digital clock combined with some neon tubes. This is its schedule:

08:00:00pm Open Set / Midnight GMT
12:00:00am Empty Set
12:45:00am End Cycle

I’m not sure if you really could read the time from it. If you want to see what happens then go and watch the movie here.

Tyler Coburn just send me some more information about this project:

(2008), a collaboration with Londoner Benjamin Farnsworth, attempts to build a trans-temporal, trans-spatial communication device. Consisting of a digital clock and neon sculpture, our piece measures the distance between midnight (Greenwich Mean Time) and my local midnight (New York City). The observatory in Greenwich, England has always held a fascination for me, particularly because one can visit it and spatially inhabit the origin-point of time. Twice Over attempts a similar spatio-temporal collapse in a machine that nightly makes a transatlantic journey from an open to an empty set, and from one midnight to another.

Twice Over by Tyler Coburn and Benjamin Farnsworth

found at vvork

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