Olle Hemmendorff’s Nike Air Max 90 Burger

August 13th, 2008

Olle Hemmendorff was commissioned, together with 7 other creatives/designers/photographers/artists, by Nike to interpret a Nike Sportswear icon. He got the Air Max 90 and decided to turn it into a hamburger.
You can see all 8 pieces at the 1912 space inside Sneakersnstuff in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m just curious if he makes a fresh one every … minutes.

Olle Hemmendorff's Nike Air Max 90 Burger

11 Responses to “Olle Hemmendorff’s Nike Air Max 90 Burger”

  1. David Says:

    Nice one.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I just threw up a little.

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  4. Katie L Says:

    Do they do this in a size 4. It is very clever that they have made a running shoe look like food. I am running soon and want to buy this. I will be chased by my local dogs and it will make me run fast.

  5. Zola Says:

    wowza! I hav nether run with shoes befor bit I am going also to place an order – size 3 for me plise. thanks

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  7. Jana TheJunction Says:

    I wish I could buy this at my local McDonalds…or Nikestore. Size 8, veggie version, please.

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  9. sam Says:

    Since nobody mentioned it, it´s a great comment on todays sport-shoes, which are less and less likely to be worn at the occasional sport, but by a fat slob in front of a McD counter. Excellent idea and execution!

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