Receipt Clock

August 14th, 2008

Receipt Clock by Marc Owens

Receipt Clock by Marc Owens.

Wether it be on a bus ticket, mini bank statement or shop receipt the presence of the printed time and date are all consistently featured. I am interested in how this documentation of a specific time and date can be applied to time keeping generally.
This product allows for a more private interaction with time. The faceless clock only tells the time when the user presses the central button, the clock then prints the time and date on to the internal roll of paper, the result of which is deposited from the front slot so the user can tear it off and keep it. The “time receipt” also has a series of printed lines which allows space for the user to write a personal message which is significant to that particular moment in time.

5 Responses to “Receipt Clock”

  1. James Says:

    I want one! Will someone make these please?

  2. klementina 4 thejunction Says:

    Nice product. Would like to have it. So I could exactly backtrack memorable moments to the minute…

  3. 专打现在时刻的便条纸打印机(Receipt Clock) Says:

    […] via […]

  4. sucanzuo Says:

    the day,tow fredfing

  5. 瞬间的记忆 « chuaneg&创意居 Says:

    […] 这不是日记,而是瞬间的记忆,按一下按钮,它会打印出一张小纸条,上面会有日期和此刻的时间,并有足够的空间可以让你写下或画下你在此时此刻发生的重要事情和心情感受,比如你坠入爱河的那一瞬间,Marc Owens 设计: […]

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