Kreuzberger Pfütze

August 29th, 2008

Kreuzberg is a borough in Berlin, this piece by Kirsten Pieroth is called “Kreuzberger Pfütze“.

“Kreuzberger Pfütze” is the title of a piece by Pieroth exhibited in the basement of Sparwasser HQ. Pfütze” means puddle; Sparwasser means “spared water.” The title describes the project: Pieroth has moved a puddle from Kreuzberg to Sparwasser HQ, thereby removing the puddle from its original spatial context. The transferred puddle is, in its fluidity, a signifier of endless reshaping.

Kreuzberg Pfütze by Kirsten Pieroth

Kreuzberg Pfütze by Kirsten Pieroth

found at vvork

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