Cinelli Laser

September 18th, 2008

This Cinelli Laser is fire.

Cinelli Laser

Cinelli Laser

Cinelli Laser

5 Responses to “Cinelli Laser”

  1. oh my wow Says:

    What a work of art.

  2. flashboxx Says:

    oh my god…that has to be one of the most beautiful bicycles i’ve ever seen. the lines are just…wow.

  3. Di Says:

    Hmm…it looks like a pizza cutter.

    I personally don’t feel it’s a beautiful bike, but it does look wicked fast.

  4. wle Says:

    great except for crosswinds

  5. b maniac Says:

    only problem with your crosswinds comment is that this bicycle is made for a velodrome track and would not experiance any form of crosswind.

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