September 24th, 2008

Plus is the name of these salt- and peppermills designed by Norway Says for muuto.

Plus by Norway Says

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    […] and  Mahret already gives a clear black-and white statement. And the question of the day? Is Pieter´s building brick peppermill fitting into Clairette´s Bra-on-go? Hope you´ve had fun with the little excursion, my adored […]

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    […] vergleicht macht Mahret schon klare schwarz-weiß Ansagen. Und die Frage des Tages – passt  Pieter´s Bauklotz-Pfeffermühle in Clairettes Reinstopf-BH ? Viel Spaß bei der Exkursion, werte Damen und Herren von der […]

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