October 16th, 2008

I really like the 2D animations in the music video for Animals by Minilogue. I was made by Varelsen, the animator Kristofer Strüm also did that Hitchhikers Choice video for Minilogue.

4 Responses to “Animals”

  1. Herr Schmitz Says:

    love it.

  2. Appelogen » Minilogue – Animals Says:

    […] voor Vandaag en morgen) Verwante schrijfsels: The Animals Save The Planet Stopmotion animatie Welke vreemde […]

  3. Benjamin Says:

    wow…Rock Solid!

  4. Acid Squaredance Says:

    If Minilogue get’s you going – our channel on Joost will fit you like a glove! Come check us out…

    / ♥ from the Posse

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