Mitchell Feinberg

October 22nd, 2008

Mitchell Feinberg is the photographer responsible for these great images for Muse Magazine. I would really like to know how they faked these imprints.

Lacoste by Mitchell FeinbergGucci by Mitchell Feinberg

Louis Vuitton by Mitchell FeinbergBulgari by Mitchell Feinberg

Fendi by Mitchell FeinbergChanel by Mitchell Feinberg

Hermes by Mitchell FeinbergLevis by Mitchell Feinberg

found at FFFFOUND!

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  1. Sean Says:

    It’s pressed into cornstrach.

  2. inan Says:

    I was gonna say, looks like cornstarch

  3. mike Says:

    Cornstarch or flour?

    Similar shoot here for Surface magazine:

  4. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Similar? I would say it is more than just similar.

  5. mike Says:

    Yes. Jaime Chard’s was done in 2007?

    Michael Tompson in 1993:

    & Cartier has played with imprints also:

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  8. Mary Says:

    Totally a copy of Jamie Chard work, i mean exactly the same.
    Jamie work was all over print and web in 2008(surface, communication arts) and he knew and copy that anyway, and that’s what he had to say on a recent interview:
    in the “Fossil” impressions story, I was thinking about accessories that are so iconic they have become part of our cultural memory; will someone browsing the magazine five hundred years from now be able to identify these fossils? I thought the concept would make for interesting photographs, a fun test for the reader, and I liked the visual pun
    The problem is that he’s famous(feinberg) and Chard is not at his level and ppl in this business have a short memory.
    Shame, shame, shame

  9. David Says:

    I saw the Jaime Chard photos, he’s the original, Feinberg the cheap copy. I cannot believe they did that, how lousy is that???? I mean seriously, come up with your own ideas!

  10. manson Says:

    Is Jaime Chard an English? American? Or …?

  11. manson Says:

    Need someone to tell me that, thanks a lot

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  13. Crystal Says:

    I think if the same concept and process is used and you acknowledge the original artists but create ur work using a different subject matter that you are merely expanding on the process and exploring it further… I agree that the other artist creating pretty much the exact same thing is lousy but i think this would be a great concept to expand and work on. Think instead of handbags and clothes doing the same thing the fossils idea with other everyday house hold items that may be in many years to come replaced with something that looks completely different therefore creating a fossil of it now and thinking what people in 500 years would make of it is quiet interesting.

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