The Unloader

November 19th, 2008

The Unloader is quite a funny website. You can upload one of your local boring documents and pick one of the three ways how you want it to be destroyed. After receiving the file, you can really see how your document comes out of the printer. Unfortunately you won’t see the actual destruction of your document, but a pre produced video which is still impressive.
This campaign website for some Nokia mobile phones, was made by Farfar and Perfect Fools.

The Unloader

4 Responses to “The Unloader”

  1. Mortimix Says:

    Oh, great !
    How to print useless things on a nice blank sheet of paper and then destroy it… Great :/

    You know, there are a lot of funny things that doesn’t hurt or cost energy that could be used another way (or even better: not used at all…)
    Why, when almost everybody now agrees that global warming is and will be a still bigger problem for the planet, why are useless things like this made and promoted?

    There are people that do care of a lot of a lot of little things, every day, everytime they do something, thinking about nature, to save energy, paper, water etc etc etc
    And on the other side there are some guys that, even if they SAY they do care, in fact they don’t…

    This is the perfect example of a stupid “invention” that costs energy… for nothing… (Or maybe just to promote something…?)
    And this doesn’t make me laughing at all…
    Promoting this, Nokia is now on my blacklist; And “Perfect Fools” are probably perfectly stupid…

  2. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Hey Mortimix, I understand your point of view.
    If you want to be consistent, shut down your PC and avoid the internet and especially advertising.

  3. Miguel Says:

    Errr Mortimix, I understand what you’re saying, but… you are aware that this is not real, right?

  4. Mortimix Says:

    Miguel: No, I wasn’t ;) I really didn’t wanted to “test” it, for the reasons explained here up, so I was not completely aware. Thanks for the explaination ;)

    today and tomorrow – pieter: Don’t be so extreme ;) We can live in our environment, with all the actual technology, without adding (useless) things that damage our planet even more ;)
    This is what made me mad about this video.

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