adidas Originals House Party

November 25th, 2008

adidas is celebrating its 60th birthday next year, so they decided to have a house party to kick off the festivities. Made by Sid Lee.

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  1. jeanjean Says:

    Hum hum…

  2. Adidas House Party | Human Resourcesâ„¢ - a source of visual and aural inspiration Says:

    […] 29th saw the Adidas House Party to celebrate the 60th birthday of Adidas. It took place at Berlin located Adidas No 74 Concept […]

  3. Benoit Martel Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    If you like the song for the Adidas Originals House Party, it was made originally by Frankie Valli and it’s called Beggin. The song was remix by Pelooski. Other remix versions where also created by Boogie Studio for the web videos.

    If anyone wants to hear the proposed remix created for web videos, feel free to check them out at:


    Benoit Martel
    Boogie Studio

  4. Berlin House Party | passionately curious | jen corbett Says:

    […] in January. Gosh time flies! Great visuals. Quote: Yesterday evening was the Berlin edition of the adidas House Party to celebrate the 60th birthday of adidas. It took place at the adidas No 74 Concept store. The shop […]

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