Souvenir de Chine

December 7th, 2008

“Souvenir de Chine” by Larytta, directed by Körner Union.

found at vvork

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  1. Souvenir de Chine - TheJunction Says:

    […] today and tomorrow […]

  2. Rogelio Rosiles Says:

    simmetry and order out of complete chaos..

  3. maikkis mai Says:

    I feel awful about the birds trying to fight their own images in the mirror. It’s beautiful yes and the speed of things is amazing & I love the symmetry, BUT I really hate that the animals have to be under such stress. Is this really necessary. Is it a closed space? It seems like a closed space. For me it was painful to watch with all the birds clapping their wings against the mirrors.. especially at the end. Makes me uncomfortable. At the same time scared and worried, at the same time fascinated.

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