Chaude nuit d’été

December 10th, 2008

“Chaude nuit d’été”, photography by Elene Usdin. It’s 1:42 AM, I’ll go to bed now too.

Chaude nuit d\'été by Elene Usdin

Chaude nuit d\'été by Elene Usdin

2 Responses to “Chaude nuit d’été”

  1. - vic&lloyd say: go! Says:

    […] Chaude Nuit d’Eté […]

  2. Guy Cruls Says:

    lovely props, lovely colour scheme, lovely girl – but it doesn’t work
    the girl cannot pose. Her arm in the first photo does not rest naturally – and who would sleep in that position?!
    Try again. Maybe the girl can have a couple of pints before the shoot; put her in more credible positions.

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