Phat Knits

January 5th, 2009

Phat Knits is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products. Designed by Bauke Knottnerus.

Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerus

Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerus

6 Responses to “Phat Knits”

  1. cake. Says:

    i want to snooze on that giant gray squish.

  2. pilar Says:

    Can you buy these? They look so comfy.

  3. madeleine Says:

    Where can the yarn (?) be purchased?

  4. c Says:

    Where is the hook? That’s what I want to know and the hand that held that hook.
    I want a video showing how it was done. That, would be facinating.

  5. IKO Says:

    Wow!! Where can I see this? I’d love to have one, especially gray fat one.
    Pls let me know via email?

  6. acacheofjewels Says:

    I would love to make them for a kid’s room in fabulous colors. Where can anyone get the “yarns” like those used here?

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