Louis Vuitton Skateboard

January 6th, 2009

Louis Vuitton is launching a collection inspired by Stephen Sprouse at their New York SoHo store. This skateboard is one of the 2 limited edition pieces available at that store. You’ll have to cough up $8,250 if you want one.

Louis Vuitton Skateboard

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  3. andrew Says:

    you cant be serious. this is a joke. a skateboard? louis vuitton needs to quit this crap. cant they be original anymore?

  4. Dragos Says:

    I wonder how they calculated that price for the skateboard?

  5. Ann Says:

    I love it<33
    and LV bags and shoes<3

    I have 4shoes and 12 bags<3and…soon 1 skateboard<3

  6. Rico Says:

    Now what is this – they cant be serious???? They have absolutly nothing to do in the world of skateboarding.. Skateboarding have got nothing to do with fasion or sport – its a way of life (unless if you are fake) They shout stick to making fasion bags and shoes an so on… But stay out of things they dont understand……

  7. cntelowes Says:

    haha unlucky whoever buys this.
    better off wiwth a gyppo army board

  8. Brei Says:

    omg this is so cute and as soon as it get to my town mt mom is get it 4-me ( am 12)

  9. oTTo Says:

    For kids with too much money who don’t skate.

  10. FraNcIS Says:

    Is it good quality? Coz if it brokes two days after with a little trick…..
    My friends father works in Louis Vuitton (im french) um he said it was good quality,hope so.

  11. Ilir Sopa Says:

    Les choses n’ont que la valeur qu’on leurs donne… Si j’avais les sous, j’achèterais les deus pièces sachant qu’elles
    vaudront le quadruple d’ici dix ans! Sk8 or die beatches! Peace!

  12. samanthaa Says:

    hmm, yeahh I havee thatt( :
    wasnt expensive att all!
    everyyone should own something from louis vuitton<3
    I hitt thee louie store on rodeo everydayy<3


  13. Bella Says:

    How much coast is this skate?

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