Ken Niizeki

January 7th, 2009

Ken Niizeki is the architect of this house in Tokyo, I guess he’s not really a fan of windows. Or at least not of any facing the street.
The big photos are made by Naoya Fujii.

Ken Niizeki

Ken Niizeki

Ken Niizeki

Ken Niizeki

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3 Responses to “Ken Niizeki”

  1. Graham K Says:

    This is kind of scary, like a horrible utilitarian mental asylum from the 1970s, but on the same token, it’s kind of beautiful. It’s a fortress of poetic solitude. Nice!

  2. Red Says:

    That’s not uncommon with urban Japanese residences. Most of them are “inward facing” unlike western homes, focusing instead on internal gardens or lightwells.

  3. today and tomorrow - pieter Says:

    Thank you Red, I didn’t know that.

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