January 8th, 2009

Rules by Laser Bread.

Rules by Laser Bread

found at Rice Candy

10 Responses to “Rules”

  1. Helena Says:

    Rules are meant to be broken.
    Or at least loosened and lightly tangled.

  2. Kandi Says:

    That is so amazingly awesome. I really love it.

  3. Anon Says:

    Can we rename this The US Constitution? :P

  4. Steve Says:


  5. David Says:

    You could probably make an American Flag the same way…and this is how it will look after Obama takes over….

  6. Linda Says:

    what’s the red string for? it looks like the red margin stays solid though.. creative!

  7. Jeff Says:

    This is a creative concept.

  8. areoneoh Says:

    it creative and simplistic, illustrates its point perfectly.

  9. Joe Says:


    Yes because good ol’ Dubya sure didn’t make a MESS of the U.S. I mean we are totally NOT heading into a recession or anything, and our public schools are doing great because we are leaving no children behind. I mean come on Obama can’t even give a good speech like good ol’ Dubya can. I mean we all “misunderestimated” good ol Dubya didn’t we?

  10. Kyle Says:

    I never realized that the blue and red strips on ordinary paper had anything to do with the US Constitution. The red never breaks the rules, hahaha.

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