Oloom Public Toilet

January 15th, 2009

This video shows a public toilet in Lausanne, Switserland. It was designed by Oloom and its walls are partly made of liquid crystal glass. Under electric tension they are transparent, out of tension they turn opaque. I’m not sure how many people dare to use this toilet.
It actually reminds me of the dressing rooms at the Prada stores who feature just the same technology.

video made by spanier

“Don’t miss a sec” is another weird public toilet. Monica Bonvicini decide to construct it with 2-way mirrors.

Don't miss a sec by Monica Bonvicini

Don't miss a sec by Monica Bonvicini

Don't miss a sec by Monica Bonvicini
photos by ai binami

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  2. sarah Says:

    i’d definitely be too pee-shy for this!

  3. Alex Says:

    Hi, Nice Post! how can I embed the video in my blog?

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