Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it)

January 20th, 2009

Joe Nicolosi his friend Amanda had never seen a whole Star Wars film. When he asked her if she wanted to watch the original trilogy she said that she would, but that she already knew what happens. So he took out his voice recorder and asked her to start from the top.
Then he created some very basic animation in Final Cut to go along with her narration.


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  2. mt klein Says:

    This was the best Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen! Thanks!

  3. Kelly Says:

    There are tears in my eyes.

  4. EarlMobile Says:

    Hilarious! The highlight was the part of Han Solo and Luke kissing each other… :D

  5. christy Says:


    like how did she forget that

  6. pistola Says:

    this ain’t that funny. i understand where the dude is coming from, but still not funny.
    definitely far from hilarious.
    im not an ultraorthodox fan of SW, but not knowing THE trilogy by anyone in our generation is rather a shame i believe. Amanda is cute looking though! :)

  7. micktravis Says:

    I saw Star Wars on the day it came out. I loved it – I saw it three more times that summer. And every time I passed the theatre I looked at the permanent sign the management had erected there, different from the regular letters they would shift around to spell the names of normal, ephemeral movies. The Plaza Theatre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada build a goddamn sign out of plywood, did a reasonable job of getting the font right, painted the damn thing black and nailed it to the marquee because Star Wars was not going anywhere.

    I was ten years old and this seemed pretty fucking cool. The sign got kind of worn out over the next year and by the time the end of the next summer came around I was ready for it to go. I saw the film a couple more times, maybe five times total, but this was pre-video. Five times was a lot back then.

    I saw the sequels. The second one on the day it opened. The third one within a week or two. Or three. Each seemed a little less special than the previous. But in hindsight I think I was just a little older.

    I haven’t seen any of the new ones. How many are there? Three? From what I understand they’re appalling. But I did go to see the reissue of Star Wars (that’s what it’s called, by the way, Star Wars. Or that’s what it was called when it was still magical.)

    I watched it closely, surprised that I still remembered every cut and noticed when the cadence went off to allow for new, or longer, shots. I noticed the new 3D renderings of the tie fighters, and I missed the triangular matte lines I had to ask the projectionist about – movie magic, apparently, but he wisely suggested I check out 2001 to see how it was really done. What I realized, no more than half way through the movie, was that the only way I could enjoy this awful, terribly paced, flaccidly written piece of shit was to be ten years old again.

    I realize, watching this video, that I wish Star Wars had never been made. People actually aspire to make movies this good, which is like hoping to make triple digits on an IQ test. The girl is lucky. Her imaginary Star Wars is better than the real one I’ve got to live with.

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