Voice Drawing

February 3rd, 2009

Ze Frank, yeah you might heard of him, made a little flash drawing tool. You won’t need a mouse but  a microphone if you want to draw. A low volume tone will make the line curve counterclockwise, a medium will let it run straight and a high volume will turn the line to the right. Somehow he manged to draw this arty face and figure, unfortunately he didn’t post a video of him creating those. You can try it out for yourself here.
I bet he isn’t the first one to build something like this. It actually reminds me of the Sonic Wire Sculptor made by Amit Pitaru, which works the other way around. You can generate sound by drawing lines.

Voice Drawing by Ze Frank

Voice Drawing by Ze Frank

3 Responses to “Voice Drawing”

  1. tomagotchi Says:

    very, very cool. I think i’m going to end up spending a load of time playing around with this. thanks for the heads up.
    Love your blog by the way!

  2. Howard Says:

    This is awesome. It’s fun to use as a visualization for music. I imagine this would be exponentially more awesome if I was stoned…

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